Monday, March 14, 2011

Big Boys Need Loving!

Today we are profiling two of our bigger boys who needs lots of love!  They may look all big and grouchy but they are both real sweethearts!

Tucker is an Aussie Shepard mix and weighs about fifty-four pounds.  He is an awesome, smart, fun, loving and curious dog but needs someone as an owner who is firm and consistent.  He is very trainable because this big furry goof ball is food motivated and he heels well when on a leash.  He is great with other dogs, as long as they don't try to "hump" him but he he has a best friend at the shelter, Cassie, and if you were to open your heart and home to both these dogs, Mostly Mutts will let you take them both for only one adoption fee.  Tucker was not well socialized when he was adopted out as a puppy so he really wants an owner this time who will love him, work with him and be committed.  He loves positive reinforcement and is a fun doggy!

Bert is seventy-five plus pounds of surprising gentleness!  He is a French Mastiff mix and needs a high amount of exercise.  Bert's previous owners loved him very much but had to give him up when they lost their home.  He is looking for someone who is a firm and experienced dog owner, who will throw balls and spend lots of time with him.  Bert loves belly rubs, long walks with his family and snuggling and sleeping with his new owners.  He is smart and well behaved and prefers a family with older kids.

If you can adopt one of these dogs or know someone Tucker and Bert would be perfect for, pass along our blog or contact us at


  1. I had the pleasure of being a temporary foster for Tucker for almost 3 full weeks. He was a pleasure to have in my home. He kept me busy, but made me smile constantly. He is ready for love 24/7, but is also good at going and resting on his bed, chewing a bone, or napping until you are ready to play, walk or love on him. He crated perfectly @ night and waited patiently for me to get up when I was ready in the AM before he got wiggly and excited I was up. I did find when we had 2 walks each day he was much happier and content. He is so smart and gave me his complete attention when I asked him to do something or not do something. He does seem very eager to please. I hope someone will consider fostering or adopting Tucker.