Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fostering Dogs-Not your Typical Day at the Office!

Jan and her family

Jan's typical view when walking!
Mostly Mutts is always looking for families or individuals who can foster dogs, whether they be puppies, ones recovering from surgery or that just need a quiet, in between place before adoptions.  We are spotlighting in this post one of our foster mom's whose love, attention and time greatly make a difference not only to the dogs she fosters and our program but in her own life as well. Jan Rhodes, a Cobb county resident, got involved with Mostly Mutts when her son, Jonathon, volunteered with his ROTC program.  Their Giant Schnauzer had died and the very next day they brought home their first foster, a white German Shepard named Beau.  Soon after, they got Gabby, a white Husky mix.  Jan says that even though they fostered her and brought her to an adoption, they were officially "foster failures" because they fell in love with Gabby and ended up adopting her.  By this time they had added a third "foster to the roster" and ended up adopting Brownie also.  So three dogs found a great home because of Jan's love for them through fostering!   So far, Jan and her family have fostered 34 dogs in the Mostly Mutts foster program!

Amazingly, the most dogs she has ever had at one time has been 11; nine puppies with two adult dogs plus her own two in addition to her two rescue cats.

Jan has a great outlook on the task she does; when asked what her favorite type of dog is to foster (puppies? those recovering from surgery? a certain breed?) she simply states, "I think the perfect dog is one that is at the shelter and needs the most help or the one that needs peace and quiet after surgery."  Jan has lovingly fostered dogs going through heart worm treatment, broken legs and currently has Gail, a sweet dog whose front leg had to be amputated.  She does love to foster puppies and says that having a variety of foster dogs at one time certainly keeps life interesting!

How does she devote all the time and love to so many needy dogs?  She says she doesn't have a real job, that fostering is her job and calling.  She still finds time to volunteer at the shelter and weekend adoptions and thinks the key to her success is that she thinks of the dogs as her children.They take not only a lot of time but commitment, which Jan is doing so perfectly!

Her favorite thing about fostering? The rewarding feeling when they find a forever home. Everyone who wants to help should seriously consider fostering; it's rewarding to get the dog out of the shelter and make room for another dog to be saved from a horrible situation.  There are just too many dogs without homes.

Has Jan suffered through an occasional chewed leash, broken lamp, busted cell phone or punctured furniture? Yes, but she takes it all in stride knowing that she is making a difference in the life of a dog. Thanks, Jan...Mostly Mutts appreciates you and the work you do!

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  1. Jan is definitely the most outstanding foster mom Mostly Mutts has!!! Thanks to Jan and all the other fosters for loving the mutts so much!