Saturday, March 5, 2011

So You Wanna Adopt a Doggy....

Aw, that's great!  Like any consumer, you've probably been online looking for the dog that's just perfect for you or your family.  You've done your research on breeds and what type you think will be a good fit.  Maybe you have even visited places that offer dogs for adoption each weekend.  And now, at this particular point in time, you think that you ready to take the plunge and get a new furry, four legged family member. But before you go any further, think about this:

Am I being impulsive, swept up in the moment? Or, am I really ready to care for a pet for fifteen years or more?

At Mostly Mutts, we've seen beautiful, sweet dogs adopted out to loving families, only to have them returned at a later date due to new babies, a divorce, financial problems and a myriad of other reasons.  A sweet dog has now lost what they thought was their forever family and is back in a cage at a shelter.  They still get love and attention but not what they were used to in their own home, with their own toys and family.

So before taking what should be the final step in adopting a new dog from Mostly Mutts and bringing it into your home, follow these ten step to ensure your "paw-fectly" ready:

  • Bond- Spend a lot of time with the pet you are considering.  Holding it for fifteen minutes outside at the adoption site is not enough.
  • Include the entire family-Bring your spouse, significant other, children and dog(s) to meet the pet you are considering.  After all, everyone will be living under the same "woof."  This allows you to see how everyone will interact when all together.
  • Apply/Interview- Complete the entire application form and be interviewed by the counselor on site.    Answer all questions as thoroughly as possible.
  • Approval/Denial- Your application will either be approved or denied; if denied learn the reasons why and remedy those concerns.
  • Complete the adoption contract- The counselor will go over an adoption contract with you that states how you care for the dogs, handle concerns and who to call if there are questions.
  • Pay the fee at time of adoption- Mostly Mutts has a $175 adoption fee that can be paid either in cash or by check.
  • Purchase the required items- Food, leash, collar and tag.
  • Congratulate yourself! - If you've made it this far, wahoo!  Take your new pet home and love him/her for the rest of your life!
  • Pet training course- This may be required, depending upon the dog.
  • Final step- Tell your friends to have their pets spayed or neutered!

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  1. And BE COMMITTED to care for you furry friend for it's life time!