Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mostly Mutts is High on the Hog!

Dogs, kitties, gerbils, hamster, fish and now....a pig!

Meet Arnold, the newest addition to the Mostly Mutts menagerie.

Arnold came to us via a friendly landscaper who's daughter was unable to keep him in part because of where she lived.  So, knowing the kind souls at Mostly Mutts, he asked could we take him in and find him a good home.  Of course we said yes and yesterday Arnold was introduced to his new foster family and is currently "as happy as a pig in mud."

Arnold is a cute little piggie and has even been neutered.  He is great with dogs and had to leave behind his best friend, a Jack Russell terrier.  He is looking for a serious, forever home and he will have an adoption fee of $200.  Mostly Mutts is looking for a family that will commit to him for life so if you are interested, please check with both your HOA board and your insurance company to be sure that you can have a pig; Arnold has been through this once and just wants to find a nice family who will be with him for the rest of his life.  A nice place with room to roam, a place to roll around in and get dirty and with someone who will provide lots of love and attention; this is what Arnold is looking for. Also, keep in mind that he will weigh upwards of fifty pounds and probably won't be very good with young children.

So, if a pot bellied pig has been on your wish list and you can give Arnold all that he deserves, shoot us an email at He's certainly a cutie and pigs are very easily trained if the right person will just take the time.

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  1. Mostly Mutts gone to the pigs! Hhhhmm, might have lost some in translation, sounds a lot better in German!