Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fostering Dogs-Not your Typical Day at the Office!

Jan and her family

Jan's typical view when walking!
Mostly Mutts is always looking for families or individuals who can foster dogs, whether they be puppies, ones recovering from surgery or that just need a quiet, in between place before adoptions.  We are spotlighting in this post one of our foster mom's whose love, attention and time greatly make a difference not only to the dogs she fosters and our program but in her own life as well. Jan Rhodes, a Cobb county resident, got involved with Mostly Mutts when her son, Jonathon, volunteered with his ROTC program.  Their Giant Schnauzer had died and the very next day they brought home their first foster, a white German Shepard named Beau.  Soon after, they got Gabby, a white Husky mix.  Jan says that even though they fostered her and brought her to an adoption, they were officially "foster failures" because they fell in love with Gabby and ended up adopting her.  By this time they had added a third "foster to the roster" and ended up adopting Brownie also.  So three dogs found a great home because of Jan's love for them through fostering!   So far, Jan and her family have fostered 34 dogs in the Mostly Mutts foster program!

Amazingly, the most dogs she has ever had at one time has been 11; nine puppies with two adult dogs plus her own two in addition to her two rescue cats.

Jan has a great outlook on the task she does; when asked what her favorite type of dog is to foster (puppies? those recovering from surgery? a certain breed?) she simply states, "I think the perfect dog is one that is at the shelter and needs the most help or the one that needs peace and quiet after surgery."  Jan has lovingly fostered dogs going through heart worm treatment, broken legs and currently has Gail, a sweet dog whose front leg had to be amputated.  She does love to foster puppies and says that having a variety of foster dogs at one time certainly keeps life interesting!

How does she devote all the time and love to so many needy dogs?  She says she doesn't have a real job, that fostering is her job and calling.  She still finds time to volunteer at the shelter and weekend adoptions and thinks the key to her success is that she thinks of the dogs as her children.They take not only a lot of time but commitment, which Jan is doing so perfectly!

Her favorite thing about fostering? The rewarding feeling when they find a forever home. Everyone who wants to help should seriously consider fostering; it's rewarding to get the dog out of the shelter and make room for another dog to be saved from a horrible situation.  There are just too many dogs without homes.

Has Jan suffered through an occasional chewed leash, broken lamp, busted cell phone or punctured furniture? Yes, but she takes it all in stride knowing that she is making a difference in the life of a dog. Thanks, Jan...Mostly Mutts appreciates you and the work you do!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mostly Mutts is High on the Hog!

Dogs, kitties, gerbils, hamster, fish and now....a pig!

Meet Arnold, the newest addition to the Mostly Mutts menagerie.

Arnold came to us via a friendly landscaper who's daughter was unable to keep him in part because of where she lived.  So, knowing the kind souls at Mostly Mutts, he asked could we take him in and find him a good home.  Of course we said yes and yesterday Arnold was introduced to his new foster family and is currently "as happy as a pig in mud."

Arnold is a cute little piggie and has even been neutered.  He is great with dogs and had to leave behind his best friend, a Jack Russell terrier.  He is looking for a serious, forever home and he will have an adoption fee of $200.  Mostly Mutts is looking for a family that will commit to him for life so if you are interested, please check with both your HOA board and your insurance company to be sure that you can have a pig; Arnold has been through this once and just wants to find a nice family who will be with him for the rest of his life.  A nice place with room to roam, a place to roll around in and get dirty and with someone who will provide lots of love and attention; this is what Arnold is looking for. Also, keep in mind that he will weigh upwards of fifty pounds and probably won't be very good with young children.

So, if a pot bellied pig has been on your wish list and you can give Arnold all that he deserves, shoot us an email at adopt@MostlyMutts.com. He's certainly a cutie and pigs are very easily trained if the right person will just take the time.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Adoption Update


Yea!  Twelve dogs found new families and two dogs went into foster to adopt situations!  Dogs getting a new home were Swiffer, Woolite, and Pledge from the cleaner themed pups, Ellen and Portia, Jeremy and Peanut and from the Coffee pups, Frappuccio, Buck  and Pumpkin Spice.  Tippy and Tommy got adopted together and Dillard and Trixie were our foster to adopt dogs.

Everyone came out a winner this weekend and with these dogs adopted, we're able to rescue more dogs.  Thanks to everyone who volunteered or opened their heart!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

We Need Dog Walkers!

Our Mostly Mutts shelter, located in Kennesaw, is in dire need of dog walkers!  It's a win/win for all involved; you get exercise and a great walking companion while a sweet dog gets some time out of his/her kennel and enjoys the beautiful weather!  Do you have an extra thirty minutes to an hour each day?  Do you walk anyway? Need an excuse to start walking?!  Help us out!  If you're interested, please contact us at MostlyMutts@comcast.net.  You must be at least sixteen years old to volunteer at the shelter, your own pets should be spayed or neutered and a background check may be required.  Great way to spend a night with your teenager and help our four legged friends all at the same time!  We would love to encourage you to work at pet adoptions prior to working at the shelter so you can get to know the dogs but if we'll use you for walking just the same!

Want to get more involved?  We can always use foster families for our animals.  You can foster in the following ways:
  • TEMPORARY FOSTER- Want to help but travel a lot?  Many times we need a foster home for a short period of time, for instance, when a dog's foster family goes away for a few days. 
  • LONG TERM FOSTER- At times we have a dog that needs a quiet home to recover from heartworm treatment or orthopedic surgery. These are dogs not quite ready to come to adoptions yet. 
  • PUPPY FOSTER- We are always in needs of puppy foster families.  This is a great way to get your "puppy" fix!
Anyone who is interested in fostering a dog, please contact Foster@MostlyMutts.org or come to the Barrett Parkway (Kennesaw) PetSmart any Saturday at around 3:30 to choose the shelter dog you wish to foster.   There is no cost involved in fostering and we can lend you most of the supplies you might need.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coming This Saturday...Dillard!

Drum roll please.....making his very first appearance at Mostly Mutts adoptions this Saturday will be Dillard!  Dillard is a big, wonderful boy looking for a family who will ooh and aah over him.  He has a heart of gold and will do anything to please his new family but he gets bored if left alone.  He is a Mastiff, a breed known for their calm and gentleness.  They are very loyal dogs and Dillard will be your new best friend if you allow him into your heart and home.  Like most of his breed, he can be a bit stubborn so he will need professional training and someone dedicated to keeping him under control.  Dillard is currently in a foster home and his foster parents say he has two speeds: laid back and goofy.  Dillard will do well with a loving and committed family with another dog but not cats.  If you're interested in seeing Dillard and finding out if he will be a good fit for you, come see him Saturday at the Town Center PetSmart between 10 am and 4pm.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mostly Mutterings

Good rainy morning to you, blog readers!  Thanks for joining us today for mostly a few mutterings to keep you up to date.

Just a reminder that this coming Saturday, March 19th, is the last opportunity to drop off items for the fund raiser in April!  We are especially looking for good, used furniture so if you have any, please help the cause and donate.  All items can be dropped off between 12-4 pm at Climatized Storage in Woodstock just off 92 at Sycamore Lane.  For more information, follow this link:

Congrats to all our volunteers and adoption workers this past weekend; we were able to put five furry friends into new homes! Ed, Sophie, Bette,  Chachi and Whiskey are all living in style this week with their forever families.  Whiskey is especially grateful as he had been with Mostly Mutts for almost a year.  Yea!

We have tons of puppies coming up for adoptions soon and there will (hopefully) be a blog post with pictures later this week. The groups of puppies we have are:

The Starbucks pups:  Mom, Starbucks,  a beagle/hound mix and nine pups born the last week of January. Females are Pumpkin Spice, Latte, Chai, Cappuccino and Frappuccino and the males are Tazo, Bean, Buck and Cocoa.  First vaccinations have been started and they are scheduled for spay/neuters at the end of the month.

The Game pups:  Mom, Lady and three female puppies of lab mix; Uno, Monopoly and Yahtzee.  They are almost two months old and they will be spayed at the end of March.

The Paint pups:  Five puppies born in February, four boys and one girl, Glidden,  Boys are Behr, Porter, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

The K puppies: Mom is Kayleigh and has four terrier mix babies. Kevin is the boy and has sisters named Korrine, Kiera and Kelsey.

The Cleaner Puppies: Nine puppies in this batch; more information on them in the next post!

Do you like dogs? Do you like hockey? Would you like to enjoy one and help another? Then send in your bids for THRASHER'S tickets!  We have two tickets for the Thrashers vs the Ottawa Senators on Sunday, March 27th,  at 2 pm.  Seats are located in Section 117, Row G, seats 3 and 4.  Ticket face value is $100 and you can email your bids to info@mostlymutts.org.  Starting bid is $50 and the bidding ends at 12 pm, Friday, March 18th.  Enjoy a game and help the Mutts!

As you can see, it is always fun and busy at Mostly Mutts and we appreciate all your help and donations.  Check back later in the week for more MM news and please go by and drop off your items for our big sale next month!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Big Boys Need Loving!

Today we are profiling two of our bigger boys who needs lots of love!  They may look all big and grouchy but they are both real sweethearts!

Tucker is an Aussie Shepard mix and weighs about fifty-four pounds.  He is an awesome, smart, fun, loving and curious dog but needs someone as an owner who is firm and consistent.  He is very trainable because this big furry goof ball is food motivated and he heels well when on a leash.  He is great with other dogs, as long as they don't try to "hump" him but he he has a best friend at the shelter, Cassie, and if you were to open your heart and home to both these dogs, Mostly Mutts will let you take them both for only one adoption fee.  Tucker was not well socialized when he was adopted out as a puppy so he really wants an owner this time who will love him, work with him and be committed.  He loves positive reinforcement and is a fun doggy!

Bert is seventy-five plus pounds of surprising gentleness!  He is a French Mastiff mix and needs a high amount of exercise.  Bert's previous owners loved him very much but had to give him up when they lost their home.  He is looking for someone who is a firm and experienced dog owner, who will throw balls and spend lots of time with him.  Bert loves belly rubs, long walks with his family and snuggling and sleeping with his new owners.  He is smart and well behaved and prefers a family with older kids.

If you can adopt one of these dogs or know someone Tucker and Bert would be perfect for, pass along our blog or contact us at MostlyMutts@comcast.net.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet Trixie-Mostly Mutts' Dog of the Week


Here you go, a new best friend who is waiting just for YOU!  Trixie is cute as a button, very sweet, gentle and best of all, gets along well with other dogs and people.  She is around three years old and is a Shar Pei/ Black Lab mix.  Trixie would love to have another dog (or more) to live with and has lived with cats before with no problems.  She does need to be on a very good potty schedule because sometimes her "habits" are not the best.  With the right family and home, she will get this down.  Please come meet Trixie this weekend at the Kennesaw PetSmart at Town Center off Barret Parkway from 10-4:30.  She's beautiful and is anxiously awaiting her forever home!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Joey Needs You; Too Cute to Resist!

Joey needs a new home and lots of love!
This little guy is Joey and he is full of fun, love and energy! The "Labradorable" little puppy was brought to Mostly Mutts after a police officer witnessed his owner dropping, kicking him and then throwing him into some bushes.  He has some indications of stress fractures in his legs and sometimes limps on his left paw.  How could anyone hurt such a sweet little puppy like this? Although he had a less than favorable start, he now is in good hands with Mostly Mutts and we hope to have him in a forever home very soon!

Update on George and Gracie-their dental work yesterday went very well and Gracie was out chasing a ball at the shelter earlier today.  These two would love to stay together so if you're looking for a sweet pair of dachshounds, keep them in mind!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Meet Gracie, Louise and George

Above, Gracie; Center-Louise; Below, George

We've got three sweet little babies in at Mostly Mutts that everyone has fallen in love with!

At the top is Gracie who came in with George, shown at the bottom.  These two friends love to chase a ball and if you visit our Facebook page, you can see them on video having a grand old time with one of the volunteers, chasing and running around like little crazies! These two are small dogs estimated to be between ten and twelve years of age.  They came into Mostly Mutts in dire need of dental work and they are actually spending today at the doggy dentist, hopefully getting everything they need taken care of.

In the middle is precious Louise, a medium sized dog about three years old.  She seems to be house broken and has perfect cage manners.  She has had a rough life because she has never had a home.  She has been a stray who has had litter after litter of puppies.  She finally made it to animal control; thankfully it turned out that they called the good people at Mostly Mutts and Lousie was rescued!  She is very sweet and wags her tail quite a bit but it will take some acclimating to get her used to "family living."  Louise still has a long road ahead of her as she is heartworm positive and also has Juvenile Cataracts.  Her sight is slightly impaired but with surgery, she will be able to see much better.  She is great with other dogs and would love to have a playmate in her new home!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dog Gone Good Day

Little Big Red
Wow, we gotta lotta "dogs gone" yesterday!  All total, nine dogs went into forever homes.  Isn't that great?!  One of those lucky dogs was Little Big Red, a sweet, sweet dog who had been with Mostly Mutts for over a year.  Other dogs adopted out were Belle, ChiChi, Colleen, Diva, Geraldine, Jadyn, Leon and Tatum.  Great work adoption coordinators and volunteers!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

So You Wanna Adopt a Doggy....

Aw, that's great!  Like any consumer, you've probably been online looking for the dog that's just perfect for you or your family.  You've done your research on breeds and what type you think will be a good fit.  Maybe you have even visited places that offer dogs for adoption each weekend.  And now, at this particular point in time, you think that you ready to take the plunge and get a new furry, four legged family member. But before you go any further, think about this:

Am I being impulsive, swept up in the moment? Or, am I really ready to care for a pet for fifteen years or more?

At Mostly Mutts, we've seen beautiful, sweet dogs adopted out to loving families, only to have them returned at a later date due to new babies, a divorce, financial problems and a myriad of other reasons.  A sweet dog has now lost what they thought was their forever family and is back in a cage at a shelter.  They still get love and attention but not what they were used to in their own home, with their own toys and family.

So before taking what should be the final step in adopting a new dog from Mostly Mutts and bringing it into your home, follow these ten step to ensure your "paw-fectly" ready:

  • Bond- Spend a lot of time with the pet you are considering.  Holding it for fifteen minutes outside at the adoption site is not enough.
  • Include the entire family-Bring your spouse, significant other, children and dog(s) to meet the pet you are considering.  After all, everyone will be living under the same "woof."  This allows you to see how everyone will interact when all together.
  • Apply/Interview- Complete the entire application form and be interviewed by the counselor on site.    Answer all questions as thoroughly as possible.
  • Approval/Denial- Your application will either be approved or denied; if denied learn the reasons why and remedy those concerns.
  • Complete the adoption contract- The counselor will go over an adoption contract with you that states how you care for the dogs, handle concerns and who to call if there are questions.
  • Pay the fee at time of adoption- Mostly Mutts has a $175 adoption fee that can be paid either in cash or by check.
  • Purchase the required items- Food, leash, collar and tag.
  • Congratulate yourself! - If you've made it this far, wahoo!  Take your new pet home and love him/her for the rest of your life!
  • Pet training course- This may be required, depending upon the dog.
  • Final step- Tell your friends to have their pets spayed or neutered!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Meet Josie-Can You Help Her?

 This is Josie, a sweet newcomer to Mostly Mutts via Cobb County Animal Control.  Josie is a three month old Pit Bull and suffers from both a case of cherry eye and Demodex mange. (Our Facebook friend said we had a "ruff" start and she's right!)  Cherry eye does require surgery and happens because a dog has a prolasped third eyelid tear gland that causes irritation to the eyeball.  The mange that she has is hereditary; most pups get it from their mother at birth.  Normally pups have a pretty healthy immune system and they can fight it off  but a comprised system, caused by poor diet, neglect or just stress from being a stray, causes the mange mites to take over and results in a huge flare up. (as you see from the picture on the right.)  Demodex is not contagious so she can still receive lots of hugs and belly scratches!  She did start medicine and had an allergic reaction to it, but as you can see from the second picture, she is on the road to healing!

As you can guess, Josie's medical bills will be extensive and she (and Mostly Mutts) could use your help.  If you would to contribute to her medical bills, please click this link:


She is a beautiful girl and can't wait to get into her forever home!