Monday, October 24, 2011

Happily Ever After.....

Mostly Mutts has placed many animals in loving, wonderful forever homes and it's what we love the best about rescuing.  Below is an excerpt from a letter we received after a recent adoption:
I cannot begin to tell you how much I love her and what a blessing Molly has been.  We have found a wonderful dog park in McDonough; it's very clean, with grass, trees, toys, water, etc.  It's so much fun to arrive there and hear dog owners tell their dogs,  "Look, here's Molly!"  She LOVES to play with other dogs, so I provide that opportunity for her often.  She is also wonderful with children and seniors.  I recently took her to visit a friend of mine who was having her 93rd birthday and I wish you could have been there to see how sweet and sensitive Molly was with her.  She just graduated from her beginner class at Pet Smart, and is enrolled to take the intermediate class.  She is the smartest dog I have ever owned, loves to learn, and loves to please. I am seriously considering looking into training for her to become a therapy dog, as she seems to have all of the qualities that it would take to make anyone's day a little brighter.  I could go on and on and on, but hopefully these photos will tell you a little more about her. I sincerely thank everyone at Mostly Mutts for the love and care that was given to Molly before she came to live with me.  Thanks again for such a beautiful gift.

 Looks like Molly has found the perfect family!  If you are looking for a new member to your crew, visit us on the weekends at our adoption events.  Saturdays we're at Pet Smart at Town Center in Kennesaw and the first, second and third Sunday's at the Ansley Mall Pet Supermarket.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Melody-A New Lease on Life!

 It's hard to forget the courageous story of Melody Victoria, the sweet pit bull mix whose owner abused her by sticking her in an oven.  This blog carried two stories on her fight and progress as she healed.  Melody has since found a wonderful home and is happy, content and loving life!  Mostly Mutts recently spoke with Melody's new owners and wanted to bring our readers an update on where things are with this amazing little doggie!

Melody at her favorite spot, Bark Station!

It's great to hear that Melody is adjusting to her new home and did so very quickly.  She is on a schedule that she enjoys and her and her older sister love to play together.

Her "dad," Nick, says that her favorite thing to do is go for car rides....especially to the place she loves to play, Bark Station!  Melody also likes to chew on her bones and nurse her blanket.

The good news is that Melody is completely healed and needs no further care for the injuries she so cruelly sustained.  She has gone to the vet for her checkup and received her bordetella shot.  She almost earned the nickname "tee tee terrorist" but a quick visit to the vet discovered that she has a urinary tract infection.  After a round of antibiotics she is doing much better!  Nick says that she is almost completely healed from her injuries.  Although her pads are healed, she limps somewhat  due to the fussed toes on her rear paw.  She is scratching a lot right now because of the hair growing back over her scars.

We asked Nick if Melody ever seems frightened or if it appears that she remembers what she went through.  Nick says that at first she would have loud dreams, whimpering and twitching but that those are happening fewer and fewer these days.  She does barks at strangers and takes time to warm up to new people.

Melody does plays well with other dogs.  She loves going to doggie day care at Bark Station!

Best thing about Melody?  She is very much a love bug, loving to cuddle and sleep all over her new family who she always seems to want to be touching.  Nick also says they discovered the reason for her name being Melody; she actually will sing to you to get your attention.

We asked Nick why he and his wife specifically chose Melody to adopt.  He says that they were looking for a companion for Issa, their other dog,  when they read the story about Melody. "We knew she would be a dog that would need a lot of love and we had a lot of love to give. We were just drawn to her -  we knew that she was the dog that we had been searching for.  I told my wife months before meeting Melody that I wanted a blue pit with the light colored eyes."

Nick adds that Melody has taken to training well and has already learned sit, stay, lay down, come here, leave it, etc.  Melody has a new lease on life and finally has a home that loves and adores her.  Mostly Mutts loves this happy ending!