Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Party with the Mutts!

Want to truly be a party animal?! We have just the idea for you!

Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue needs your help! We pride ourself  in pulling dogs from Animal Control whose time is running out and we've rescued several dogs that have required extremely expensive surgeries and treatments. Our budget has taken a serious hit and we are asking you to help us in a fun and FREE way (yes, you heard right, it won't cost you a dime!). Simply hold a dinner or cocktail party and ask your guests to donate $20-$25 to Mostly Mutts (we won't turn'em down if it's more :-). You reimburse yourself for food and drinks and donate the rest to Mostly Mutts. One of our volunteers had a Lasagna Party and raised $1,000 in one night!!! No matter where you are, you can party anywhere for a great cause! Need ideas? You can contact me here on FB or at meike.babel@gmail.com for more suggestions on this type of fundraiser or others. No matter how much you can contribute, you help Mostly Mutts save lives! Check out www.mostlymutts.org

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mutterings From the Mutts

Wow, what a week it has been at Mostly Mutts!

First, Melody Victoria was on the news and Mostly Mutts received a nice plug as well.  You can click here to see the latest on her story and where things are with the man who cruelly injured her.

Secondly, we lost one of our sweet babies this week.  Mango, a precious little doggy who was in a wonderful new home, had given birth recently to three puppies, two of which passed away.  Last Saturday Mango slipped a disc in her upper back and was paralyzed in the rear. She went in for emergency surgery on Sunday and had been at the Cobb Surgical Center and Cobb Emergency but was still having problems.  She was in a tremendous amount of pain and had to be put to sleep last night.  We wanted to give her time to recover from her back surgery but she was actually getting worse with the paralysis so she really left us no choice.  Her mommy was with her till the very end and gave her lots of hugs and kisses.  We think we love them when they are alive and with us but we realize just how much we love them when they leave us.  She’ll be well cared for in heaven alongside of the other Mostly Mutts dogs there.

Mostly Mutts has had a lot of medical bills in the last few months;  Mango's surgery alone was $5000.00.   Each day she was in the hospital was a minimum of $300.00.  Along with her orthopedic bills, a Mastiff named Bella had a $1600.00 knee surgery.  Bama’s broken leg cost $3500.00 and after spending on Woodstock’s two surgeries, his leg had to be amputated for $700.00.  We are in desperate need to raise $10,000 and we need your help.  We are asking everyone to give whatever you can to help Mostly Mutts keep giving back to the animals that need us out there fighting for them.  You can give to a specific dog through our Chipin links of our Facebook page  or mail a donation to  2774 North Cobb Parkway, Suite 109 #189, Kennesaw, GA  30152.  We also have a Paypal account you can donate through on our website at Mostly Mutts.

Last but not least, we have two special angels who are new to the shelter who have been badly starved.  They  are playful, beautiful dogs who have enjoyed all the hugs, kisses and attention lavished on them at their stop over at Mostly Mutts.

 Meet Paula Sue and Paul Joseph!  Paula is thought to be about a year and half old and sort type of American Bulldog.  Very loving and enjoys people!  Paul Joseph is roughly four 4 years old, male and is probably some type of Beagle mix.  These little sweet hearts lived in a yard together and were starving.  A kindly neighbor took them in to animal control.  The owner signed them over to animal control and received a citation.  They have certainly been blessed to end up at Mostly Mutts!
Keep your love and support for the mutts coming; it never goes unappreciated!  And anyone is interested in helping to organize a fundraiser, please email us at MostlyMutts@comcast.net.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Update on Melody Victoria

Good news: Melody continues to improve at record speed!  Being out of the vet clinic and with her six new friends at the Mostly Mutt's director's home has allowed her to be a puppy again.  She enjoys playtime but then loves to get into her bed for a nap.  The burns to her nose, mouth, top of the head and back have almost completely healed.  She may always have scars but the hair is starting to cover those areas.  Her belly wounds are improving daily but are still rather red.  The pads on her front feet have grown back but she wears booties because the pads are thin and sensitive to most surfaces.  Her rear legs suffered the worst burns but miraculously, they too, are healing.  She still returns to Cobb Emergency every third day for bandage changes for the left rear leg.  Her feet will have permanent damage and two of her toes have fused together but she’ll be fine in the long run. 

Melody loves other dogs and enjoys companionship.  She is very loyal to those she loves and a little fearful of strangers.  Saturday, she spent the day at Petsmart adoptions and she met many people.  She did well and found a new foster home who will get her to her spay appointment on Monday and her bandage change appointments during the week.  Once she is spayed, Mostly Mutts will be accepting adoption applications for her. 

A heartfelt thanks to all of those who have asked about her and who care about her.  Her previous owner is still in jail and you will see Melody on the news again when he goes for his hearing.

Donations can be made to Cobb Emergency stray fund (they have not charged Mostly Mutts a penny).  

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mostly Mutts is Expanding!

As you know, Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue and Adoption, Inc. was established to reduce the number of highly adoptable animals euthanized at local animal control shelters.  While rescuing and adopting animals helps, spaying and neutering dogs and cats is the only way to successfully manage the pet population, which, in turn, will drastically decrease the number of animals needing rescue.   Mostly Mutts created a sister organization calleSpay/Neuter Society of the South to promote spay/neuter programs.  Recently, Mostly Mutts has decided to roll the efforts of SOS under it's own umbrella and will absorb it's workings into its daily premise.  Through spay/neuter education, we will make a huge impact on the lives of so many more wonderful animals.  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Melody Victoria-What a Fighter!!

Most local Cobb county residents have by now heard the horrible story of animal abuse that recently occurred in May involving a beautiful pit bull mix puppy.  Good news and better news?  She is now with Mostly Mutts and is receiving lots of love and support!
Melody while at the vet 

Melody the day she arrived at Mostly Mutts!

Melody was the victim of one of the worst cases of animal abuse.   She was placed in an oven where she suffered second degree burns to all four paws.  She has multiple burns to her head, tail, tummy, legs and nose.  Not only did she suffer physically and psychologically but she did not receive medical treatment for four days after her injuries occurred.  The doctors and techs at Cobb Emergency saved her life and even though she is not housed there any more, they see her every day for bandage changes.  They also picked up the tab from their stray fund.  (Donations can be made to Cobb Emergency Vet Clinic)
Melody is now with the director of Mostly Mutts and lives in her home along with six other dogs.  She is recovering very well and has started to play.  Even though she is out of immediate danger, she has a long recovery period ahead of her.  Once her wounds have healed, Mostly Mutts will start taking applications to find her a GREAT home.  She has some trust issues that will have to be worked with, and some puppy behaviors that will require training, but she is loving and will be your best friend.   She came to us named Melody but we've added Victoria because she was so “victorious” in overcoming her abusive owner.  He is now in jail on two felony charges…one for causing her injuries and one for not seeking medical attention.
Cases like this can be used for education purposes and maybe Melody Victoria can be the perfect teacher!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

100 FREE Cat Neuter/Rabies Certificates

Mostly Mutts believes in spay/neuter programs and wants to pass along information about the following FREE certificates to all our readers!

SpayGeorgia is offering 100 Free Male Cat Neuter/Rabies Shot Certificates to be used during the month of July at either of Lifeline Animal Project's two locations (Avondale Estates and College Park). Certificates issued on a first come/first served basis and only one per household. Contact SpayGeorgia at spaygeorgiacertificate@msn.com or 770-662-4479 to request the free certificate. Redeemable ONLY at Lifeline Animal Project.