Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Joey Needs You; Too Cute to Resist!

Joey needs a new home and lots of love!
This little guy is Joey and he is full of fun, love and energy! The "Labradorable" little puppy was brought to Mostly Mutts after a police officer witnessed his owner dropping, kicking him and then throwing him into some bushes.  He has some indications of stress fractures in his legs and sometimes limps on his left paw.  How could anyone hurt such a sweet little puppy like this? Although he had a less than favorable start, he now is in good hands with Mostly Mutts and we hope to have him in a forever home very soon!

Update on George and Gracie-their dental work yesterday went very well and Gracie was out chasing a ball at the shelter earlier today.  These two would love to stay together so if you're looking for a sweet pair of dachshounds, keep them in mind!

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  1. Got to cuddle with him at adoptions a few times, what a cutie!