Thursday, March 3, 2011

Meet Josie-Can You Help Her?

 This is Josie, a sweet newcomer to Mostly Mutts via Cobb County Animal Control.  Josie is a three month old Pit Bull and suffers from both a case of cherry eye and Demodex mange. (Our Facebook friend said we had a "ruff" start and she's right!)  Cherry eye does require surgery and happens because a dog has a prolasped third eyelid tear gland that causes irritation to the eyeball.  The mange that she has is hereditary; most pups get it from their mother at birth.  Normally pups have a pretty healthy immune system and they can fight it off  but a comprised system, caused by poor diet, neglect or just stress from being a stray, causes the mange mites to take over and results in a huge flare up. (as you see from the picture on the right.)  Demodex is not contagious so she can still receive lots of hugs and belly scratches!  She did start medicine and had an allergic reaction to it, but as you can see from the second picture, she is on the road to healing!

As you can guess, Josie's medical bills will be extensive and she (and Mostly Mutts) could use your help.  If you would to contribute to her medical bills, please click this link:


She is a beautiful girl and can't wait to get into her forever home!

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  1. Despite all of the things that make her miserable, Josie is THE cutest thing ever!