Friday, June 15, 2012

Dog of the Week


Australian Shepherd
3 years old, Male

Teddy is a shelter favorite because everyone loves to take him out (off leash) to play fetch or frisbee. He is such an athlete and so very intelligent.  Teddy loves most people and can be with dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds.  Teddy is the kind of dog that will bond with one person in the home and would love to be that one persons friend for life.  He is the most loyal and most affectionate dog and is just missing that 'person' in his life right now.  He needs a lot of TLC as he recovers from a non-contagious mange.  His hair is think, his skin is red and irritated, but he's doing well with his treatment.  Teddy needs a best friend and if you do too, then please ask Mostly Mutts about him. 
Teddy needs to be with a forever family who can let him do what he enjoys most...running, chasing and jumping! He will not be happy just being a family pet; this boy needs to run and release all his energy.  He is great with other dogs and "needs a job" as possibly an agility or frisbee dog.  
If you think you can provide a home for Teddy or know someone who can, please go to our website for more info.  
(Teddy does not come to adoptions on weekends.)