Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Party with the Mutts!

Want to truly be a party animal?! We have just the idea for you!

Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue needs your help! We pride ourself  in pulling dogs from Animal Control whose time is running out and we've rescued several dogs that have required extremely expensive surgeries and treatments. Our budget has taken a serious hit and we are asking you to help us in a fun and FREE way (yes, you heard right, it won't cost you a dime!). Simply hold a dinner or cocktail party and ask your guests to donate $20-$25 to Mostly Mutts (we won't turn'em down if it's more :-). You reimburse yourself for food and drinks and donate the rest to Mostly Mutts. One of our volunteers had a Lasagna Party and raised $1,000 in one night!!! No matter where you are, you can party anywhere for a great cause! Need ideas? You can contact me here on FB or at meike.babel@gmail.com for more suggestions on this type of fundraiser or others. No matter how much you can contribute, you help Mostly Mutts save lives! Check out www.mostlymutts.org


  1. All you party animals out there, now is your time to shine!

  2. I feel a neighborhood pool party coming on! Or a chili cook-off (entry fee for each chili contestant)? Or maybe both a chili cook-off and pool party!