Friday, July 22, 2011

Mostly Mutts Shelter Needs

Mostly Mutts is very grateful for the calls, emails and postings that we get for donations.  We could not do it without the many GENEROUS donations we graciously receive!  We are often asked at adoptions or on our Facebook page what we need.  What better way to get the word out than through a blog post? ONLY with the support of the community is Mostly Mutts able to continue its mission to rescue dogs, many with special medical needs that can eat through a budget in very little time.  Cash donations are always appreciated, however, there are many other ways to help. 

  • Blankets-cut blankets to fit kennels (best if sides are sewn.)
  • Beach towels-especially thick, thirsty, water absorbent towels. 
  • Kennels-We prefer collapsible kennels but we can also use plastic travel kennels.  Donated kennels should be clean and rust free.  We prefer plastic kennels to be broken down with the hardware in a baggy.  Extra kennels are donated to animal control facilities who need them to transport animals to rescue groups.    
  • Collars-any kind but especially in the sizes of XS, S or M.  Please be sure they’re clean!
  • Leashes-any kind except retractable.  Please no choke chains or Halti collars.  Gentle Leaders are preferred.
  • Cleaning supplies-Clorox and paper towels are always needed at the shelter!
  • Treats-we love to reward our doggies but we want to be sure they are receiving nutritional treats.  A bag of Chef Michael's dog food seems to be a shelter favorite.   
  • Food-We use specific dry food but we accept any canned food, although we prefer Pedigree.  Canned chicken is given to dogs who first arrive to stimulate their appetites.  These are always accepted and appreciated.  
  • Gift cards-We'll take these over gold nuggets!  We do most of our shopping at Pet Smart and Acworth Feed Store.
  •  Food or water bowls-stainless steel bowls preferred....always nice to have extras on hand.  
  • Plastic doghouses-Clean and in good condition.  We do not accept wooden dog houses.  
  • Landscape Materials- Any rock, tile or wood chips you need to dispose of?  CALL US FIRST!! 
  • Doggie items for our silent auction-Mostly Mutts is always looking for high quality dog items for our big fundraisers...even non dog items can sell in silent auctions.  
  • Medicated shampoos or quality flea control- please contact us for specific name brands we desire.

If you want to know more about what we will accept or where you can drop it off, please send us an email to

What We CANNOT Use:

  • Fencing materials-we finally have all the fencing materials we need for right now. 
  • Rawhides, pig’s feet or ears-too smelly and attracts bugs.   
  • Toys NOT made specifically for dogs-We only give toys that were designed for dogs; no children's toys....even better if they SQUEAK! 
  • Opened dog food in cans OR dry dog food-due to storage concerns, we cannot accept these. 

Please know that any items donated that we cannot use are passed on to other rescues or animal control.  Thanks for your help! We could not do it with you!

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