Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Melody Victoria-What a Fighter!!

Most local Cobb county residents have by now heard the horrible story of animal abuse that recently occurred in May involving a beautiful pit bull mix puppy.  Good news and better news?  She is now with Mostly Mutts and is receiving lots of love and support!
Melody while at the vet 

Melody the day she arrived at Mostly Mutts!

Melody was the victim of one of the worst cases of animal abuse.   She was placed in an oven where she suffered second degree burns to all four paws.  She has multiple burns to her head, tail, tummy, legs and nose.  Not only did she suffer physically and psychologically but she did not receive medical treatment for four days after her injuries occurred.  The doctors and techs at Cobb Emergency saved her life and even though she is not housed there any more, they see her every day for bandage changes.  They also picked up the tab from their stray fund.  (Donations can be made to Cobb Emergency Vet Clinic)
Melody is now with the director of Mostly Mutts and lives in her home along with six other dogs.  She is recovering very well and has started to play.  Even though she is out of immediate danger, she has a long recovery period ahead of her.  Once her wounds have healed, Mostly Mutts will start taking applications to find her a GREAT home.  She has some trust issues that will have to be worked with, and some puppy behaviors that will require training, but she is loving and will be your best friend.   She came to us named Melody but we've added Victoria because she was so “victorious” in overcoming her abusive owner.  He is now in jail on two felony charges…one for causing her injuries and one for not seeking medical attention.
Cases like this can be used for education purposes and maybe Melody Victoria can be the perfect teacher!


  1. Very sweet dog! She is definitely Victorious!

  2. Amazing story! SO glad she's with wonderful people now who will treat her with the love and respect she deserves!

  3. I am just so in love with this little doll baby!! She has overcome and is ready to show the world what a survivor she is ... Go Melody!!