Monday, June 20, 2011

Update on Melody Victoria

Good news: Melody continues to improve at record speed!  Being out of the vet clinic and with her six new friends at the Mostly Mutt's director's home has allowed her to be a puppy again.  She enjoys playtime but then loves to get into her bed for a nap.  The burns to her nose, mouth, top of the head and back have almost completely healed.  She may always have scars but the hair is starting to cover those areas.  Her belly wounds are improving daily but are still rather red.  The pads on her front feet have grown back but she wears booties because the pads are thin and sensitive to most surfaces.  Her rear legs suffered the worst burns but miraculously, they too, are healing.  She still returns to Cobb Emergency every third day for bandage changes for the left rear leg.  Her feet will have permanent damage and two of her toes have fused together but she’ll be fine in the long run. 

Melody loves other dogs and enjoys companionship.  She is very loyal to those she loves and a little fearful of strangers.  Saturday, she spent the day at Petsmart adoptions and she met many people.  She did well and found a new foster home who will get her to her spay appointment on Monday and her bandage change appointments during the week.  Once she is spayed, Mostly Mutts will be accepting adoption applications for her. 

A heartfelt thanks to all of those who have asked about her and who care about her.  Her previous owner is still in jail and you will see Melody on the news again when he goes for his hearing.

Donations can be made to Cobb Emergency stray fund (they have not charged Mostly Mutts a penny).  


  1. She is just an absolute beauty. Melody, you are about to find a forever home that will love you and care for you. Your days (and nights) will have no more worries!

  2. She is looking fantastic. I'm so glad she is recovering so quickly. She's beautiful.

  3. I'm glad she's in good hands now! She's such an angel!