Monday, May 16, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog

Miss Mona-senior dog and best friend
As any rescue operation has discovered, senior dogs are often harder to adopt than the younger, cuter, more energetic puppies but they also have  many reasons why they would make great additions to any family.  In fact, this blogger adopted a senior dog from Mostly Mutts and has loved every minute of being her "mom."  A big thanks to one of our tireless volunteers for providing us with this blog post and ten reasons why you should considering adopting a senior dog.

  1. Older dogs are usually house trained, keeping you from having to go through the difficult stages of teaching manners and mopping up after accidents.
  2. Older dogs won't go through a teething period chewing on furniture, shoes or other items.
  3. Since older dogs have mellowed out a bit, they are often more focused and able to learn quickly.  Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?!
  4. They know what "no" means.
  5. They settle in much easier than younger dogs because they have learned from experience that they need to "go along to get along." 
  6. Senior dogs are grateful for their new home and to be free to lay in their own bed without sharing space with lots of other dogs.  They are great at giving love and being a companion as a sign of their thankfulness.
  7. Ever heard the old adage "what you see is what you get?" Unlike puppies, older dogs have grown into their shape and personality while puppies can still grow and end up quite different than what they seemed at first.
  8. Instant best friends-ready to hike, ride in the car or just sit in your lap and watch TV.
  9. They leave you time to yourself because they don't require the kind of demands on your time that pups do to be entertained, played with and constantly watched.
  10. Older dogs allow you to have a good nights sleep; they are more in tune with a schedule and most likely will not require nightly feedings, comforting or bathroom breaks.
Mostly Mutts has several senior dogs who are looking for their forever home.  Please consider them as your next pet.


  1. We adopted an older dog from Mostly Mutts last June! Gabby is over 8 and awesome! We love her!

  2. Enjoyed this post and will share it. We have always adopted older dogs (3 years plus). I joke around with my friends that all you have to do is bring him/her home, add water and "Instant Dog"!

  3. Great post. I've always adopted adult dogs and my second was somewhere between 8 and 10. Every one of those 10 reasons is absolutely true!

  4. I adopted an older dog from Mostly Mutts, July 2009, Candy was 7 at the time and has been such a joy. She loves to go for walks, car rides and the dog park. It's true that older dogs come potty trained and she sleeps through the night. I love, love, love her and she feels the same about me; life can't get any better than loving and being loved by a dog! D. Kil

  5. Fantastic article -- really great tips!