Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Granny Smith-Senior Dog Needs You!

Meet Granny Smith, a sweet, senior dog who is looking to spend her remaining years with a forever family that will love and treasure her!

Granny Smith has had a rough life, starting out in a a puppy mill in Missouri and being badly mistreated there.  She had a few health issues when first rescued but all of those have since been taken care of, however, she does seem to get recurring infections in her feet that require antibiotics and medicated shampoo.  Granny Smith also has arthritis in one of her front legs and requires a glucosamine supplement.  Since her rescue, she is turning into quite the pampered little princess, courtesy of her foster mommy.

Granny is a long hair Chihuahua and is thought to be between nine and eleven years of age.  Since she is a bit older, she is often not quite as agile as a younger dog would be but her personality more than makes up for that.  She loves being with her family, being loved on and is a huge fan of snuggling, belly rubs and behind the ear scratches.

Granny Smith doesn't do stairs very well and will need you to lift her up on couches and chairs so she can sit in your lap and enjoy your company.  She would do well with any age group but probably not in a home with toddlers.  You won't find a cuter dog or one who enjoys being spoiled more than Granny Smith.  This little angel is looking for her forever angel; are you the perfect fit for Granny Smith?  Come by and see her Saturday at the PetSmart at Town Center or inquire for more info at


  1. Please consider adopting this puppy mill senior! She is looking for her forever home.

  2. Grannies rock and this one in particular!

  3. Yay for Granny! She found her forever home.