Friday, April 15, 2011

George and Gracie


Have we got a pair of sweethearts to blog about today!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet two of the cutest dogs ever....our very own George and Gracie!

These two precious babies were turned in at animal control as a pair and lucky for them, were rescued by the kind people at Mostly Mutts.  Their foster mommy says you can easily tell that they are a couple...siblings if not "married."  She goes on to say they exemplify the best thing about older dogs....they are EASY!  Calm, house broken, lovers of routine and best of all, they loved to be loved on!  Gracie is quite the ball player and is thrilled to play fact, it's almost impossible to get one past her if you're playing outside (as both this blogger and this video can attest too!)  Their foster mom has fallen in love with them and says they will be a perfect addition to any home.

George and Gracie appear to be full blooded Dachshunds and are roughly eight years old.  They get along well with other dogs and humans, although maybe not toddlers.  They love to burrow under bedding and Mostly Mutts has paid to have extensive dental work done.  We would love for these two best friends to stay together in a new forever home so they are both available for only one adoption fee; two fabulous dogs for the price of one!  If you're looking for sweet, low maintenance pets that ask only for love in return, contact us today about George and Gracie.  They will give you happiness many times over. Plus, you'll pick up a great little ball player!


  1. Please consider adopting these two awesome seniors from Mostly Mutts! Their foster says they are great! Come meet them at the Petsmart on Barrett Parkway on Saturday 11:30-4:00.

  2. These little guys are amazing. George is so happy when you cuddle with him at adoptions. And I can verify that Gracie is an awesome goalie. Maybe I should take her to tennis practices as a ball girl :-)