Monday, May 28, 2012

Keeping Your Pets Cool This Summer

Summer is arriving this week so here are a few tips to keep your pet COOL. 

*  Have your pet groomed.  Pets with long hair or 'double  
   coated' hair need to have their undercoats stripped. 
*  Have plenty of clean and cool water available at all
*  Ice cubes are a nice cool treat...make it more fun by
   freezing a carrot inside. If you are gone for long periods
   of time and want the water to stay cool, freeze a 'cool
   whip' size cube. 
*  Keep pets inside in cooler temperatures.  
*  Make available a very cool shady place if the pet must
   stay outside.  A dog house is NOT sufficient shade and
   could actually cause more harm to the dog because it
   lacks circulation.
*  Change bedding from flannel or wool-like material to a
   simple cotton bed sheet.   
*  NEVER leave an animal in a car.  The interior of a car
   can quickly reach over a 100 degrees even if the
   outside temperature is in the 80s.  Call 911 if you see
   an animal inside of a hot car.

A dog's normal temperature is 101.5.  Take a dog's temp rectally if you suspect the dog is suffering from heat exhaution.  Place gauze on the pads of a dog that is over-heated and soak the gauze in rubbing alcohol.  Spray cool (not cold) water over their entire body and call the veterinarian immediately to get I.V. fluids administered. 

Please take extra precaution in extreme temperatures and call your local animal control if you know of an animal living in conditions that are dangerous. 

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