Monday, September 19, 2011

Daisy's Story

She was a 4 month old sweet chocolate Labrador that should have been with a loving family and enjoying her puppy hood. Instead, she was dumped at a shelter where she was scared and wondering what she had done to deserve this. Daisy had done nothing except being born and that wasn’t her fault! As each day passed, she kept thinking they would come back for her, so the emotions of confusion, sadness and fear stressed her young body. With this, her body was invaded by a dreaded disease that can be deadly to unvaccinated dogs, mostly young ones. If treated early, the survival rate is higher. A volunteer with Mostly Mutts found out about her and remembered a couple that was looking for a Lab puppy. They were contacted and signed-up to foster and possibly adopt. Once they saw her shelter picture, they named her Daisy and were almost positive they were going to keep her. When the volunteer saw her, she knew she was very sick, so she called the couple and ask if they were still interested with her being sick. Without hesitation, they were on board and ready to meet the volunteer and Daisy at the closest vet since she needed immediate medical attention. While she was in the exam room, the couple patiently waited to meet their new puppy and take her home. That did not happen. Their first meeting was while Daisy’s lifeless body was laying on the exam table. She was now wrapped in a blanket and had a name for the first time in her short life. She never got to meet the family that wanted to give her love and comfort.  Please do not let Daisy’s death be in vain. Spay/neuter and vaccinate!  Donate to rescue groups, so they can save more lives and pay their overwhelming vet bills. Rest in Peace sweet Angel!

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  1. And I'm still hearing "My dog needs to experience the wonder of life and giving birth". I would love to drag whoever uneducated, oblivious, and impossibly ignorant person to animal control to see the animals facing death. After all, that's part of life, too, but so easily preventable if people finally spayed/neutered all their animals!